Brasil Cacau seals your split ends

Do you suffer from split hair ends and disobedient hair all the time?

You must’ve faced all those problems:

• The disobedient baby hairs that look like horns and can’t be tamed

• Thin and broken hair ends that you can’t style

All of us faced them not once and all of us hate them. Of course, you can always chop them off but it doesn’t help or provides just a temporary effect. Besides, not every woman wants her hair to be shorter each time after visiting the hair salon.

Now it’s time for the bad news: it’s impossible to repair split ends, however, you can always conceal them. They will look neat and you will be able to do any hairstyle you want without worrying about the hair ends.

A keratin treatment creates a protective breathable barrier in order to hide the split ends and generally make them sleek.

Now you can forget about visiting a hair salon often just to chop off the hair ends. It only shortens your hair without producing a lasting effect.

“Keratin treatment is a kind of revolution in the hair industry. You definitely have to try it out if your hair is messy, dull and has split ends.”

Steve Robinson

Art Director at Electric Hair Group - Elle Magazine

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