Brazilian Keratin Therapy — The Purpose of a New Hairstyle

Keratin straightening is a procedure that heals and smooths the hair structure, giving it a silky, smooth and healthy glow. Hair strands get a well-groomed look and become beautiful, like the hair of the models from the covers of glossy magazines. Surely you're wondering: is the procedure harmful and will it affect the subsequent condition of the hair? Let's dispel the myths. After straightening, the structure does not change and does not deteriorate.


One effect is glossiness. The hair will look like models' hair in advertising. Well-groomed, healthy, smooth and silky, as if you just used the services of a stylist.

Easy combing. Smooth and silky strands are not tangled and are perfectly combed.

Protection of split ends. Long curls break off and split due to lack of protein. Each strand, which is saturated with keratin from root to tip, does not deteriorate.

Save time on styling. Reduces the hours you spend working on your hair. No need to use a flat iron. Strands are compliant enough to comb, so they have a well-groomed appearance.
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