Brazilian keratin VS American keratin

Keratin hair treatment is one of the best procedures for damaged hair and that’s a fact! However, do you know the difference between Brazilian and American keratin treatments? Why do we recommend choosing the first option? If you don’t, then check out this article and find everything out! 


The most popular countries that produce keratin straightening products are Brazil and the USA. The effect of Brazilian keratin lasts longer (up to 6 months) thanks to its formula. Right after the procedure, the hair looks smooth and absolutely healthy. Brazilian keratin protects hair from external negative factors as well.


American keratin has a milder composition and is more expensive. Its main disadvantage is that the straightening effect lasts only up to 2 months. Protection against negative factors is also reduced or completely absent (depending on the manufacturer).


That’s why we recommend you working with reputable Brazilian brands such as Brasil Cacau! It’s the core product line of Cadiveu's professional series. Many women across the globe trust this brand and choose this product line as an ultimate haircare treatment. 


Brasil Cacau protects your hair from porosity and external damages. The composition of the product includes not only keratin but also additional moisturizing and softening additives: cocoa butter and D-panthenol, which work together in order to achieve a healthy condition of hair.

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