Build your referral based around there 3 core elements

We are going to break down these 3 core elements to growing a fabulous referral business. At every stage of growing your business, you must apply an active strategy to create more business.

Ask For Referrals Online

One of the best ways to bring your business to an all-time high is by simply asking. We must be willing to extend ourselves behind the chair and ask for more business. A social media post: “Like my work? I’m looking to add more amazing clients to my list. Know of anyone? Send them my way and I will personally gift you with a service of your choice.”

Send a referral letter via email to your existing clients.

A letter with an expression of gratitude and appreciation of your clients business is a great way to open up the email. Next would be and note that you are looking for more clients, like your existing and if would be an honor to service their family, friends and coworkers. Be specific and consistent.

Offer a Time-Bound Referral Bonus

Clients sometimes forget that you have a referral campaign running. Make your referral campaign time-sensitive by putting an end-date to receive a bonus or gift if they refer someone to you. In this time-sensitive process, clients will think about a few people within moments that could use your service.

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