By Strategically Planning for Growth, Salon Averages a 20% Increase Year after Year

China Wong isn’t going to wait until the year ends just to see if her Salon Spa W redoubles the growth in 2019. She is sure that it will. What’s her secret? She has already planned it! It’s been 13 years since China opened her Salon. The average sales growth over a year is 20%, while the lowest point is 17%.

“We worked really much on forecasting” she says. “We thoroughly examined the overall sales of the same quarter of the previous year. Therefore, we analyze our previous results and make plans for the following quarter” she says.

“It’s not always that simple. Sometimes we needed to be really creative to achieve our goals. For example, if our gift cards were successful the last year, we’ll create some promotional activity around that. We’ll examine the space that we have and if we have an opportunity to hire one more stylist. Besides, each year we start to provide some new services, from hair extensions to brow tints.” 

Growth encourages the Salon Spa W team to pursue new goals. 

“During the year we are focused on the new opportunities, not on celebrating our success, which is secondary.”

“I prefer to work with the Salon as a whole thing, not paying much attention to some little usual problems”, Wong says. 

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