Can a stylist apply color and the Brasil Cacau Keratin on the same visit?

Dull and lifeless hair nowadays is a daily problem. Various factors can lead to such consequences, but the main reason is the lack of keratin. Keratin is a protein that contains many amino acids. This component is one of the most important in the proper development of the human body. If a person has a deficiency of this substance, it must be replenished with the help of keratin straightening and following aftercare.

Brasil Cacau Keratin is a solution to many hair problems. Despite the fact that the composition of it is absolutely natural, you should be careful. Keratin straightening is allowed to be performed on dyed or bleached hair but the main thing to remember is that straightening can be done in two weeks after dyeing.

See, dyeing and keratin straightening act on the hair in a radically opposite way.  For dyeing, hair cuticles should be raised up in order to obtain a vivid hair color. Keratin procedure requires hair cuticles to be as smooth as possible in order to obtain shine.

Hair dyeing after keratin straightening

Two weeks is the time it takes to partially wash off the protein barrier that keratin forms around each hair.

Hair dyeing before keratin straightening

Many hairstylists agree that hair dyeing before keratin treatment is more effective.  In this case, the coloring pigments are securely sealed in the hair cuticles, and the hair retains the bright color longer.

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