Cashing in on keratin straightening

In recent years this procedure is in high demand among girls, because after it hair acquires smoothness, shine, and is perfectly manageable. The procedure of hair straightening at the salon is expensive, so you can earn a lot with keratin hair straightening, performing this service at home.

Advantages and nuances of the procedure
The good thing about keratin straightening technology is that you don't even need to undergo special training. There are a lot of videos on the Internet, in which the step-by-step technique of this procedure is demonstrated in detail. Even an inexperienced master will be able to independently master all the stages of the procedure and carry it out in the future.

Of course, if you want to get a certificate of course completion, you can contact the appropriate training studio. It's more complicated with the inventory, because it costs a lot. For keratin straightening, the following attributes are required:
professional hair straightener and powerful hair drier;
special deep cleaning shampoo;
brushes for applying of the mixture on the hair.

The most expensive item on your list is keratin. One-liter bottle of professional mixture costs at least $255. If you already have a straightener and a hair dryer, then the task is simplified. By the way, in the big city you can find professional cosmetics stores, where keratin is sold in smaller bottles. Each time you can buy the required amount of the mixture. If there is an opportunity to buy a large amount of keratin, then you shouldn't let the price scare you away. You can very quickly recoup all your investments, because the procedure is very popular.

How to estimate the cost of services
The price of keratin straightening depends on the length of the client's hair. The longer it is, the more keratin will be required. The average price for short hair is from $200. Do not be lazy to master this technology, because many girls, once tried this procedure, do it regularly.

You can gradually improve your skills and widen the range of your services. It is worth mentioning that many girls are happy to approach a home-based master to perform the procedure in a relaxed atmosphere. After all, hair braiding, extension and straightening may take quite a long time.

And if you perform your work in a high-quality and responsible manner, you will quickly gain the authority and recognition of your clients who will come back to you again and again and recommend you to their acquaintances. If there is a talent and desire, then your favorite hobby turn into a profitable business.
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