Cheap Keratin Treatment Solutions: Side effect

Straight hair is definitely on the rise today. Modern hair straightening techniques effectively straighten the hair and produce long-lasting effects. Still, despite its many benefits, hair straightening can bring negative consequences which you should know about, especially if you are considering untested solutions.

Undermining the hair structure

While hair straightening procedures deliver immediate results, they tend to undermine the health of the hair. Right after the procedure, the hair looks very shiny, but wash it a couple of times, and the shiny effect will disappear since the chemicals will be washed off.

The scale of the negative effects depends on how much keratin was applied during the procedure, how high the temperature was and whether your hair is naturally strong. People with dry hair report that its health shrank after the hair straightening procedure. At the same time, lots of people experience long-lasting effects for weeks without any damage to the health.

Hair stylists say that avocado oil has great restorative properties and can help your hair to recover faster.

Losing hair

While this explanation is not universally accepted, hair stylists presume that hair loss resulting from the hair straightening procedures happens because of the high temperatures. The hair can also become thin and weak.

Possible allergic reactions

Allergies, eczema or itching are not uncommon issues accompanying hair straightening procedures. People who are already allergic to something are more likely to experience additional allergic reactions. In their most severe manifestations, these reactions can lead to respiratory problems and dermatitis so make sure to check out the full composition of the hair straightening products in advance.

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