Chlorine and hair - how to reconcile

Chlorine has a different effect on healthy natural hair, as well as on dyed and weak hair. The latter have far fewer protective barriers, therefore, they are more susceptible from outside. They also absorb harmful elements more quickly.  

In most cases, chlorine dries the hair, so you need to moisturize them with the help of nutrients. In the worst case of chlorine, your hair can get a greenish tint, if they are colored, of course. This happens quite rarely and is easy to fix in the conditions of the cabin. But when this happens, there is no reason for joy! It is better to protect your hair from contact with chlorine.  

The best protection against chlorine? A hair cap. Despite its unaesthetic appearance, it is the most effective way to avoid contact with chlorine. This piece is often required when visiting public swimming pools.  

Do not forget about the use of oils and creams from the sun, which are specifically designed to provide protection from UV rays.

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