Cholesterol Hair Treatment – What Is It And What Are Its Benefits?

Cholesterol hair treatment - have you ever heard of it? In fact, it’s not a brand new innovative procedure, however, not many ladies are acquired with it. What are the essence and benefits of this procedure? Find it out in this article!
Don’t worry - no medicine commercials are involved! In fact, using cholesterol in hair treatments is one of the most popular DIY treatments for hair for quite a long time! People have been using ingredients that are high in fat (such as mayonnaise, egg yolks, olive oil) for ages!
Trichologists believe that cholesterol hair treatment repairs, restores and moisturizes damaged hair. Besides, it can strengthen and enhance hair structure.
Cholesterol can often be one of the key ingredients of a hydrator or a moisturizer. 
In such products, it hydrates and softens hair, repairs heat-damaged hair. Cholesterol can be useful for people with dry, thick, and coarse hair as treatments containing the above-mentioned ingredient can make fine hair limp or weighed down. Heat or chemical-damaged hair is also suitable for cholesterol treatments.
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