Christmas marketing tips

Usually, December is quite a profitable month but in recent years salon owners were forced to start their holiday promos early due to the lack of income. In this article, you will find several useful tips on how you can turn regular profitable December into super-profitable December. Keep on reading!

1. Remember that in December people party like crazy so let them know that the doors of your salon are always opened for them if they would like to wash and blow-dry their hair. Include this offer in newsletters and on the website of your salon.

2. You don’t have to make super professionals do the above-mentioned type of things. If you have a talented future stylist or assistant who can perfectly cope with these simple procedures, get them to accommodate this offer. This way you will allow the experienced masters to have more clients who would like to have a haircut or hair dying. Considering the fact that these procedures are more expensive than hair wash, you will increase your profits.

3. December is a magical month so why not praise your clients for their loyalty? However, before offering them a small gift or a voucher, keep in mind that January and February won’t be as profitable as December, so don’t be too lavish.
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