Christmas Promotional Ideas for Your Salon

Christmas season is a profitable season and that’s the fact. Is your salon fully booked up over Christmas or maybe you need some cool Christmas promotion ideas? If we are right, then check out this article and get inspired!
1. Retail promotion. Refresh your retail area which could usually be ignored by the clients. Display some nice gift ideas, create gift sets, check if they are packed attractively. Put some inexpensive items by your windowsill. It can boost impulse buys, especially if some of your clients sit next to the window.
2. Boosting client loyalty. Christmas is a perfect time to show your clients that you appreciate them. Offer them some new treatments, let them know about your promotions as well.
3. Hosting a client event. It’s a perfect way of interacting with your clients, showing what you got for them in your salon, and maybe spoil your loyal clients a little bit! Christmas is a great time to arrange such an event but remember that many people will be busy, so choose the exact date wisely.
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