Classification of beauty salons and loading standards

After people learned how to live in pandemic and started to finally visit beauty salons again, the demand has increased not just for traditional beauty salons with a wide range of services, as it was before, but for mono-service salons as well. That is, if usually, clients did all the procedures in one salon, now they prefer getting their nails done in one salon and their hair styled and dyed in another one and so on.
Of course, a traditional beauty salon with a wide range of services from haircuts to body massage will always be on top, however, several other interesting formats have gained popularity lately too.
  - Express formats. It’s the provision of services without a preliminary appointment. For example, manicure stands in shopping centers, which usually provide services at lower prices than in traditional beauty salons.
  - Monostudios specializing in one service. For example, studios where you can only do eyebrow shaping or laser hair removal.
  - Beauty salons for a particular category of people. For example, children’s hair salons or barbershops, where services can be provided exclusively for kids or men.
  - Beauty salons and studios of the economy and low-cost formats. For example, such salons where there is no administrator or you won’t be offered tea or coffee, however, the prices will be lower than in traditional beauty salons.
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