Client loyalty schemes

As a salon owner, you know that a good client loyalty scheme should be an integral part of your marketing strategy. These schemes can be very successful if you implement them in the right way! How can you do it and how can you make your client loyalty scheme? Check this article and find it out!
First of all, you have to understand what your clients want. Find out the most popular procedure that you offer. Is this your most financially beneficial treatment? After answering these questions you should understand what’s more important to you - either to increase money spent by a client per visit or to encourage him more regular visits.
Imagine that you are a client. What would you choose – a 10% discount for the next visit or a free procedure? Of course, a free procedure! Then why not offer a free service on a client’s 6th visit to your salon? It should be something that won’t cost you much but will show your care to the client, for example, a free hand massage or a free hair wash and blow-dry.
Selling products in the salon can sometimes be a hard task because people tend to buy more from different online stores. However, you can boost sales by offering discounts on products for particular types of clients e.g. students or retired people.
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