Coworking in the beauty industry

There’s no need to explain what coworking is in 2022 — public offices have been popular in the world for ten years. However, beauty coworking is a rather new phenomenon. Instead of computer desks, there are places for manicure masters, makeup artists and hair stylists - any specialist from the beauty industry can rent a space to work and serve clients. 

Beauty coworking is another type of informal flexible office. Such premises are fully equipped for the needs of hairstylists, make-up artists, nail masters, eyebrow specialists and cosmetologists. The work scheme of a beauty coworking barely differs from the usual coworking: the masters rent a workplace for themselves for a while, where instead of a desk and a computer there are special chairs and other professional equipment.

Almost every lady has her a professional beauty master whom she can recommend to her friends and for whose services she will go literally anywhere. Recently, such masters have ceased to depend on salons, because the client needs them and their services, not a certain place where they work. Beauty coworking is a new trend that allows the master and the client to communicate directly. In the future, many masters will understand the advantages of this format, and coworking will fully compete with beauty salons.

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