Current business trends for the summer of 2020.

Beauty trends are the things that you have to keep up with in order to keep your salon profitable and your clients interested. In our articles, we usually touch upon beauty trends and hair care products, but today we would like to tell you about the hottest 2020 business trends. It will be useful both for you and your business. Let’s go!


- Conscious consumption or collective slow. Nowadays ecological problems are probably as acute as political and social ones. Did you know that instead of eco-friendly packaging many producers nowadays are manufacturing their products in solid forms without using any packaging at all! They call it zero packagings, and now it has become a major trend concerning both business and ethical issues.


- Super personalized approach. Of course, we know that being an entrepreneur in the beauty sphere, you know literally everything about the personal approach to your clients. In 2020  there are more ways in which you can achieve a more targeted approach. For example, you can analyze the condition of your client’s scalp before recommending him any products. Did you know that Sisley has developed a special device that can provide an accurate scalp diagnosis? Think of how you can use it! 


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