Do a Great Salon Client Consultation & Win a Client for Life

Don’t limit yourself to just telling your client about the main features and advantages of the Brazilian keratin straightening. Go a bit further and discuss with the client such hair features as:



how curly the hair is;

hair length;

chemical products and services used for the hair.

Then discuss with the client the following aspects:

1. What does the client expect of the keratin treatment?

2. How do chemical and keratin straightening differ?

3. What is the effect for the client’s hair type? (show photos before and after treatment)

4. What is the client’s chemical history and what is expected in the future?

5. What does a strand test show? (elasticity test to observe hair’s strength)

6. How to maintain and style the hair prior to treatment? (thermal tools, products, time needed to complete the regime).

7. Is a deep cleansing recommended for the client prior to the salon treatment? (Specific thorough cleansing and cuticle exfoliating can be recommended for the clients, who regularly use hair-care products, which cause a build-up on the cuticle)

8. What are peculiarities of after-treatment care? (after the Brazilian keratin straightening, clients usually can cut their styling time in half)

9. Why is the Daily maintenance commitment so important? (Our home care retail products are specifically developed to ensure maximum effect, while supplementing our unique treatment formula perfectly. We cannot guarantee optimal result with other keratin brands.)

Discussing these aspects with your client will help you understand whether the treatment is suitable for the client in the first place.

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