Does the Brasil Cacau Keratin contain chemicals?

Brasil Cacau Keratin is a unique solution to many hair problems. The Brazilian method provides for the professional implementation of the procedure, a lasting effect and the improvement of the hair condition in general.

This line has several undeniable advantages:

-A wide range of options for different hair types (brittle, dyed, split ends, etc.).
-Brazilian production. Brazil is considered to be the best producer of keratin in the world.
-Unique composition. The composition contains two types of keratin, which are similar to the structure of the hair.

Professional hair straightening is performed in several stages, for this a number of special products are needed. A series of Brazilian straightening keratin includes the necessary preparations:

  •  anti - residue shampoos;
  •  deep conditioning masks;
  •  keratin itself.

All these products can be purchased both individually and as a set.

Now there is the answer to the main question. The Brasil Cacau keratin is safe because it contains exclusively natural ingredients. The line products are based on natural ingredients: cocoa butter, amino acids, panthenol. Nothing chemical.

Brasil Cacau is a progressive technology that uses molecular keratin. The technology is based on the deep penetration into the structure of the hair of small particles of keratin, which completely fill the porous space in the damaged hair.

The composition restores hair by increasing its strength and elasticity. An additional protective layer eliminates static electricity and smoothes hair cuticles. Cacau oil contains all the essential fatty acids with nutritious, moisturizing and antioxidant properties.

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