Dos When Communicating with Upset Guests

Unfortunately, sooner or later we all have to deal with upset customers. In order not to lose them, we should remember the C’s rule: calm, connect and collaborate.

Calm: No matter what, keep calm. If emotions will take control over you, you are unlikely to solve the problem. So do your best to be rational and listen to your guest carefully.

Connect: When a customer gets upset, it usually means they are not heard. In order to overcome an unpleasant situation, connect with the guest by asking them detailed questions. It’s also highly recommended to mention the guest’s name during your conversation, this will show them that you are polite and attentive.

Collaborate: After listening to the customer’s complaint and asking them questions, collaborate with them. To find a win-win solution, offer your guest 2-3 options. Providing them with the pre-approved variants will show them that you are confident in your salon procedures and you respect your customers.
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