Dye your hair at home just like in the salon: it's real!

Hair dyeing is one of the most popular hair procedures in the world. Indeed, so many women regularly change their hair color in order to stay trendy or just express themselves in the desired way. However, today hair dyeing seems to be quite an expensive procedure. How can you dye your hair at home in order to achieve the salon result? We got all the answers, keep on reading!
What should you start with? Of course with a hair dye itself! We bet that you want your hair color to be as bright as possible. Do you know that you should not just use only professional hair dyes, but also hair color rinses in order to keep your hair color bright between the hair dyeings? If you dye your hair at home, we recommend you buying the hair dye in a special haircare shop, as a professional consultant will help you to choose the right hair dye and explain how to properly use it.
Apart from the hair dye, during the hair dyeing procedure, you may need:
- hair conditioner for color fixation;
- disposable gloves for hand protection;
- disposable peignoir to protect clothing;
- wet cotton pads - it is convenient to use them to remove dye residues from the forehead, ears, and the hairline;
- comb and hairpins for dividing the hair into zones;
- foil or thermal paper for highlighting separate strands;
- Spatula for hair highlighting.
When it comes to monochromatic hair dyeing, colorists usually recommend choosing shade which is slightly lighter or darker than the natural hair color. This way the hair will look natural and lively. Blond hair dyeing and complex techniques such as airtouch or shatush require preliminary bleaching of dark strands and real professionalism, so you’d better visit a hair salon for such dyeing.
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