Electronic gift certificate of a beauty salon. The benefits of progress

Of course, you have different gift certificates in your beauty salon, however, do you have electronic version of them? Such kinds of certificates can actually boost your salon business!
In fact, an electronic gift certificate is a means of non-cash payment, and works on the same principle as a regular printed certificate. It can’t be either exchanged for cash or for a gift certificate of a smaller denomination. The advantages of an electronic gift certificate are obvious:
- for the buyer, this is an opportunity to make someone a gift without visiting your salon. This person can activate the certificate right in your sakin.
- mobility – the person who received the certificate will come to the salon and simply show a letter with a certificate from his smartphone (if the salon doesn’t necessarily need a printed version)
- electronic gift certificate is a great reason for the salon to establish an affiliate network and show real, working marketing activity.
That’s it! If you still don’t have electronic certificates in your salon, we recommend you to pay attention to them! At least, you’ll save much money on paper and printing services, not mentioning the convenience for such certificates for your client!
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