Equipment You Need to Start a Salon

Equipping a beauty salon is not an easy task, requiring effort, time, money, and relevant knowledge. A clear understanding of how it should be arranged is a key point that predetermines a lot, first of all, the popularity and profitability of your business. So, let’s find out what kind of furniture for a hairdresser you will need and why.


  - a chair (for a client). It’s an important attribute of any salon, performing several functions. It should be comfortable (both for the stylist and the client), easy to move around, easy to care for and stylish as well, fitting the general concept of the salon interior;


- a chair (for a hairstylist). Another required element of the workspace. It should be comfortable, with the ability to adjust the back and seat height;


  - a mirror. It’s not just a necessary thing for a stylist, but also a nice interior feature. You will be surprised with a broad choice of mirror options. It can be either monolithic or double-sided, with shelves and fixtures for tools;


  - a shampoo bowl (a salon sink). It is sold either separately or with a chair (washing chair). The presence of a hydraulic mechanism allows the stylist to quickly change the position of the chair, adjusting it to the sink position. Look for a deep sink with the adjustable angle of inclination for the best contort of both stylist and client;


  - carts and racks. We can’t imagine the work of a hairstylist without them is.  Carts and racks are designed for storing tools and accessories (hair dryers, combs, scissors, clippers, curlers, hairpins and so much more).

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