Features of working with Brasil Cacau for stylists!

As a stylist, you have to check out the following information about the Brasil Cacau system in order to provide a perfect result for your client.

When should Brasil Cacau be used:

  • if the hair is curly and unmanageable;
  • after numerous hair dyeings and perming;
  • for hair that has lost its natural elasticity and shine;
  • for porous hair;
  • for damaged hair.

 What is included in the professional kit:

  • Anti Residue Shampoo (Cleansing Shampoo) - deeply cleanses and opens up hair cuticles, which contributes to the penetration of active ingredients. It has a high level of alkaline - 9.0. This shampoo creates an alkaline balance on the hair, opening the hair cuticles and cleansing the styling residues, lipids, and polymer.


  • Brazilian Thermal Reconstruction (Thermal Reconstructor) - creates the effect of natural smoothing, making hair healthy, straight and shiny.

  • Deep Conditioning Mask (Finishing mask) - nourishes and moisturizes hair without making it heavier. The last step of the treatment.

Remember that while working with the flat iron, choose the suitable temperature exactly for your client according to the hair structure. Don’t be in a hurry. Each stage of keratin treatment requires your special attention.

Here it is! We hope that we managed to explain the key peculiarities of Brasil Cacau Keratin Treatment.

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