Find Your Inspiration: 5 Beauty Salon Accounts You Have to Follow!

We know that sometimes finding inspiration is a rather difficult process, so we chose 5 super inspiring accounts that can give you lots of new creative ideas!

1. Nine Zero One.

A perfect account for you if you’re specialized in loose beach waves and styles that look simple yet very luxurious and classy.

2. Capella salon.

Your clients are asking for some unusual curls and you just ran out of ideas? Check out this article for the best spirals.

3. Ramirez Tran Salon.

Everyday locks and haircuts, that are suitable both for a busy daily life and a night out in the club!

4. Spoke & Weal Salon.

It seems to us, that if you like hairstyles of Californian girls like Gigi Hadid, this salon will be a perfect source of inspiration for you!

5. Salon Benjamin

Creative! This is our first association with this place! It specializes in unusual haircuts. If you’re a fan of short cuts, you will like this salon as well!

Here it is! We are sure that you will definitely find your ultimate source of inspiration among these gorgeous beauty salons!
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