Fixing Damaged Hair: Is Brasil Cacau Keratin Right for You?

There are various keratin compositions aimed both directly at straightening and at restoring dry, brittle, excessively fluffy, split ends, damaged hair. A particular type of treatment can be recommended by the master, based on the condition of your hair and individual wishes.

The keratin recovery procedure can be successfully used to improve the condition of hair after bleaching (blonding), perm or after a trip to the sea. In general, experts recommend such care to anyone who wants to have smooth and shiny hair.

Usually, a composition for keratin straightening contains less caring components and more smoothing but not our Brasil Cacau! It not only makes your hair totally straight and shiny but restores it from the inside, giving your hair amazingly healthy look! In addition to shine and thermal protection, it prevents the appearance of curls and tames the naughty locks. Even with high humidity, the locks will remain straight and smooth.  Not to mention the fact that you no longer have to iron your hair daily.

If your hair is severely damaged, you can first carry out a therapeutic recovery procedure, and only then do keratin straightening. Again, we recommend you trying our Brasil Cacau as the most delicate and protective keratin on the market.

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