Fluffy hair: the best hair care tips

Fluffy hair makes its owner look romantic and sweet but at the same time becomes a reason of many problems such as hair brittleness, dryness and disobedience. What are the hair care rules that will tame even the most disobedient hair? Keep on reading and find it out!

 1. Try hair smoothing treatments. We recommend you trying keratin hair treatment at home because it’s very easy and time-consuming! Get your hands on Brasil Cacau which is the core product line of Cadiveu's professional series. The three-component complex includes the anti - residue shampoo, the thermal reconstructor, as well as the final deep conditioning mask. The Brasil Cacau complex is the best keratin straightening and hair restoration product, treating hair with maximum care and providing perfect protection against negative factors. Lots of women across the globe trust it. In fact, Brasil Cacau is a very nice product line for coarse hair.

 2. Use a special comb. If you comb your hair with a regular comb, then you make a big mistake! Such a comb can damage your natural hair, pull it out and even tangle even more. Besides, it can become a cause of hair breakage! Contact your hairstylist and ask him to help you with the comb choice.

 3. Use special shampoo and conditioner. You can use keratin shampoo and conditioner, especially if you’ve just performed keratin hair treatment. The structure of fluffy hair differs greatly from the structure of straight hair.
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