Formalin: the truths about this component

Nowadays everybody heard of formalin (or formaldehyde). It’s widely used in cosmetics and some procedures, such as keratin treatment. Let’s find out what formaldehyde is and if it’s as poisonous as many people think. 

Formaldehyde is a colorless flammable gas that is naturally formed in humans, animals, and plants (for example, apples, pears) and is used by the body to form certain amino acids. It’s very active and is often used in the form of aqueous solutions called Formalin. It’s widely used in cosmetics, in the production of fertilizers, paper or plywood, and as a preservative for some medical antiseptics.

As part of keratin treatment, the main task of formaldehyde is to help change the hair appearance (make curly hair straight), as well as chemically attach keratin fragments and a number of other biological molecules in the product to every single tiny hair. In this case, some strong chemical bonds are formed between the natural keratin of the hair and the product keratin on the hair. Therefore, the effect lasts a long time.

Stylists use a heated hair straightener (flat iron), thus formaldehyde evaporates from the client’s hair. Because of this feature of the procedure many people including stylists have mixed feelings about this procedure. However, formaldehyde is only dangerous if you are allergic to it or if your hairstylist isn’t qualified enough for carrying out keratin straightening.

Our Brasil Cacau keratin contains a safe amount of formaldehyde, thus it’s absolutely safe. The effect lasts up to 6 months, restoring and straightening your hair. Millions of women have already tried it, what about you?

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