Get the most out of your keratin treatment

The structure of the keratin in the hair depends on it's structure and general condition. The simplest way to replenish keratin is to use keratin-enriched home care products, but the well-known shampoos, rinses, balms and masks do not contain keratin in a pure form. In these tools, fragmented small components of the product are most often used. Cleavage helps keratin molecules to easily penetrate into the hair structure, but the low concentration of the composition in home care does not allow to fully show the healing properties.

Keratin in salons is presented in hydrolyzed form. It penetrates deep into the structural layers of the hair to the level of the intercellular membrane and reinforces the intercellular "cement", which is responsible for the strength and elasticity of the hair.

Keratin treatment is achieved by the penetration of liquid keratin into the hair replenishing the protein deficiency. This means keratin hair restoration will fill the voids of the natural keratin coating to the damaged areas. The procedure strengthens and smoothes the hair, protects against hot air and ultraviolet radiation, makes the hair manageable and makes hair styling easier.
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