Getting the best deals on salon premises and the pitfalls to avoid

Finding your salon premise is quite a big deal because it will be actually your beauty salon, so you have to consider all the points while choosing a premise. How can you get not just the good premise but the best possible deal? You will find all the answers in this article, keep on reading!
First of all, opening a beauty salon is quite a costly thing, so you have to thoroughly think about how to keep your monthly rolling costs down. We are sure that you know that most hair and beauty salons are based on properties on a leasehold tenancy. This means that you don’t become an owner of the salon building, but pay rent to a landlord for your salon to be in this premise.
- Seek legal advice beforehand, when you agreeing to terms with the landlord. It will protect you from sudden extra costs and tricky pitfalls that you can get into without a professional consultant.
- Think about the lease term. It’s directly connected to the terms of your tenancy. Choose accurately in order not to find yourself in a situation when you have to suddenly relocate to another place and you forgot about it.
- Consider break clauses. They will allow you to literally “break out” of tenancy at a particular date, letting you be somehow flexible.
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