Give yourself a new look for summer

Keratin straightening is an easy, quick and effective solution to the problem of curly hair. More than 90% of human hair consists of keratin protein. Unhealthy keratin hair is much smaller, so it looks dry, dull and lifeless. Keratin deficiency destroys the hair structure, making it porous and sensitive to any damage and adverse effects.

Brasil Cacau is a powerful smoothing complex that contains hydrolyzed keratin, cocoa extract and shea butter. Thanks to natural ingredients and a mild pH, it very gently treats the hair, penetrating deep into its structure and saturating it with nutrients. Treated with keratin, curls get a healthy and well-groomed appearance and become manageable, shiny and silky. And most importantly - perfectly straight, even after repeated washing of the scalp. The effect of keratin application persists for several months, depending on the type of hair.
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