Got a nasty review of your salon? Here’s what to do!

Answer to customers’ reviews responsively.

Here’s a real opportunity to show your clients your appreciation and desire to help, because the most responses to online reviews are generic and repetitive. They are often meaningless, which is disappointing, especially to the customer taking the time to write a review. The more detailed review you got from a customer, the more personalized and meaningful your response should be.

When you’re writing responses to reviews, try to avoid the following mistakes.

1. Never copy and paste the same message

Forget about the standard “copy-paste” scheme. It’s not just disrespectful to the customer but even offensive. Such a response says, “This complaint is so insignificant that I won’t spend my time on writing a specific response.”

2. Don’t ‘apologize for the inconvenience’

Frankly speaking, it does absolutely nothing. Instead, it shows that you aren’t interested in changing the situation for the better and prefer not to concentrate on this problem.

3. Stay away from the word ‘this’

The active use of the word “this” means that you haven’t examined the situation well. A good tip: try to mirror the reviewer’s description of the issue. “We’re so sorry your haircut was shorter than you expected it to be” gives a different impression than “We are sorry for this.”

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