Hair balms: classification

Hair washing has long become the same routine and obligatory procedure as body washing, brushing teeth, and facials. However, we have to admit that for the procedure of hair wash, one shampoo is no longer enough.
All hair balms can be divided into three types:
- Conditioning balms. Conditioning balms contain an antistatic agent that reduces static electricity in the hair and helps hair dry faster without taking away the moisture it needs.
What is important: the conditioner should not be used for long. The components that make up such a balm tend to accumulate in the hair and make it heavier.
- Rinse balm. This product gives hair shine, thanks to the acid included in it (citric, lactic, or acetic). In addition, the rinse balm removes the remains of the shampoo base and restores the pH balance of the scalp.
It works especially well for dyed hair. Rinse balm contains substances that help to fix hair color after dyeing, as well as moisturizing additives that make it elastic and soft.
- Balm without additives. With a creamy texture, it penetrates under keratin scales, smoothes the surface of the hair, and makes hair follicles close.
Don’t forget that the conditioner and balm are not the same things. They are only united by the fact that both products are applied only to freshly washed, but slightly wet hair.
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