Hair Care Tips For Customers For Summer!

The hottest season of the year is already here! Long days, blue sea, warm wind, and shiny sun - what can be better in order to fully relax? However, there is actually one thing, which is proper hair care! How can you protect your hair in summer? We have top - 4 useful tips, keep on reading!

 - Wear hats or caps. We’re not joking! Did you hear that this summer will be extremely hot? Of course, we do love sun-bleached hair but we don’t like dry and brittle hair, not mentioning scalp sunburns! 

 - Use protective products with UV-filters. There are plenty of products that will protect your hair from becoming extremely dry and lifeless. We recommend sprays as they are very comfortable to use. In fact, you can use any product you want. 

 - Avoid sun. Go out only in the morning or in the evening. Day sun rays are very aggressive and adversely affect both your hair and skin. If you really need to go out in hot midday, spray your hair with water in order for moisturizing it. 

 - Cut the split ends. This way you will avoid the further split of each tiny hair. What’s more, we recommend you not to leave your hair loose. Try buns, braids, ponytails, you have plenty to choose from! Nowadays many celebrities prefer a simple but elegant ponytail over loose hair!

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