Hair Color Trends For Autumn / Winter 2019

Fashion trends in the beauty industry are rapidly evolving, which is good news for girls and women, changing their hair color like a chameleon. Yesterday, stylists claimed the natural hair color to be the best, and today they suggest more active use of shades, which definitely look like natural.  And this is not even an extreme “mermaid” color or holographic coloring.  

What trendy hair color for the autumn-winter 2019 season to choose to get into the trend? 

The most important trend of 2019, without a doubt, is (1) blond. The upcoming season will please with a variety of 

(2) warm honey blonde 

(3) golden blonde 

(4) wheat blonde 

The more color nuances are involved, the more fashionable the color looks because the illusion of curls burnt out in the sun looks gorgeous in frosty winter. Besides, warm shades make a woman look younger. 

At the peak of popularity is (5) powdery pink (rose), which the best colorists of the world call a brand new blond. Today, the pink hair color does not surprise anyone. The fashionable rose color is rich in shades. This way (6) peach, and (7) purplish-gold are loved by girls. 

In autumn many girls and women want to dye their hair (8) red. At the peak of popularity is a luxurious (9) bronze shade.  Of the entire red palette, it is the most expressive and complex. The following winter it should be as natural as possible.

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