Hair Colors Winter 2018

A perfect time for shaking things up and refreshing hair color is a new year. If you are in the market, hurry up to take pleasure of gorgeous brunette, blond, multi-tone and red hair hues.  

Golden Ombré

Please, ascertain that you have a subtle and gradual color change from the crown till the ends of your head

Salt and Pepper

Before the hair really goes grey, is it necessary to salt and pepper it? Yes, it is! You can also pull it off!

Burnt Orange color

This is a partially orange and partially red color which will make you feel as if you were Princess Merida from Brave.

Bleach-Toned color

While it is super-hard to maintain this bleached-out color, it definitely makes the statement.

Tiger Eye color

This look features such shades as amber, soft brown and honey painted with the use of the bayalage technique. 

Chocolate Mauve color

The combination of light pink and brown is one of the trendiest and latest hues. This is a wonderful way for brunettes to have a modern take on highlights. 

Nude hair color

This soft and natural look was designed to complement the skin tone. If you wish to make a subtle statement, this hue is perfect.  

Jewel Tones color

This is a bold multi-hue look and at the same time not as intense as different ultra-vibrant punk colors

Baby Blonde color

This soft and light blond shade makes up a perfect source of contrast for the dark winter wardrobe. This color is even radiant next to paler winter complexions.

Blondz color

This is a specific combination of blonde and bronze color great for dimensions and richness throughout the dark hair.

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