Hair developer: everything you need to know about it

Hair developer… We have to admit, this sounds pretty ridiculous, however, don’t laugh or make jokes: this product can change the hair game for good! Would you like to learn more? Keep on reading and find everything out then!

Hair developer is a part of many hair dyes, so some of you, ladies, may already be familiar with this hair product. Hair color developers are products that help hair color dyes to penetrate the cuticle of the hair, prolonging the vivid color of the hair. Hair developers are a part of many permanent hair dyes and contain hydrogen peroxide.

There can be many types of hair developers, however, all of them should be chosen carefully. Hair developers have different levels. The hair developer level is measured in volumes that typically fall in one of four categories – 10, 20, 30, and 40. For example, volume 10 developers are used when you just want to refresh your hair color without drastically changing it.

Make sure to use the right hair developer if you don’t want your hair dye to become a cause of hair damage. Besides, don’t forget about keratin hair treatment, as dyed hair needs much more protection than natural.

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