Hair root concealers: the best ones

Each woman faced a situation when her hair roots were overgrown and looked untidy but there was no opportunity to visit a hairstylist. However, the beauty industry is constantly developing, thus, nowadays it offers us a great variety of hair root concealers! Check out this article and find out the best hair root concealers that will help you to make your hair look fresh again!

The best hair roots concealers

1. Airbrush by Oribe

The Oribe spray is packed in a small bottle, which is very convenient to take with you everywhere: on trips, business trips, on vacation. The palette of this spray has a variety of tones that are suitable for both dyed and gray-haired overgrown strands.

The method of use is quite simple: you just have to spray a small amount of spray on the overgrown roots at a distance of about 20-30 cm, then carefully comb the curls.

2. No More Roots by Salon Fix

This hair root concealer is almost identical to the above-described one. The Salon Fix American cosmetics company offers 4 color options - platinum blonde, light blonde, blonde, dark blonde.

Although there are not so many color options, the advantage of this tint is that it can adjust to the natural color of the strands and becomes similar to it.

3. Magic Retouch by Loreal

Loreal spray root concealer is perfect for temporary root dyeing. The palette is represented by black, dark chestnut, chestnut, and light brown shades, as well as light blond tones. The spray provides only a tinting effect; it is not suitable for full hair dyeing or highlighting separate strands.
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