Hair types: which ones do exist and how can Brasil Cacau work with them?

We truly believe that each hair type is super unique and beautiful! That’s why in this article, we decided to speak about the existing hair types and explain you how Brasil Cacau will work with them, check out this article! 

Straight (1): quickly return to their original shape after styling 

 - 1A — thin and soft non-voluminous hair.

 - 1B — medium density and medium volume hair.

 - 1C — thick and stiff hair, pretty voluminous.

Wavy (2): form an S-shaped wave of varying density.

 - 2A — medium-thick hair that forms a barely noticeable S-wave.

 - 2B — thicker hair, S-shaped curls are noticeable.

 - 2C — mix of wavy and curly hair.

Curly (3): rather dense hair with defined curls. The difference between the straightened and the natural state of the curl is 12-20 cm .

 - 3A — large, well-defined S-shaped curls.

 - 3B — medium-sized curls, more dense and rigid.

 - 3C — the smallest curls.

Very curly (4): This type of hair is typical for African-American women. Small curls are difficult to style, they look very voluminous and thick, although in fact they are quite thin and brittle. The difference between the straightened and the natural state of the curl is 22-30 cm.

 - 4A — fine and clear spiral pattern, thin hair, prone to damage, very brittle.

 - 4B — most often a curl in the form of a zigzag, hard as a wire. In its natural state, the curl may differ in length from the straightened one by more than 75%.

 - 4C — the most unruly and tough of all hair types, may have the shape of a spiral or not have a clear pattern, it’s very difficult to comb.

The thing is that Brasil Cacau keratin treatment works even with 4C hair type, making it sleek! African-American ladies - it’s the perfect keratin treatment even for your incredibly rebellious locks! 

Of course, the duration of the result differs. When it comes to 1 and 2 hair types, Brasil Cacau can last up to 6 months! After the first application, the effect will last approximately 3-4 months (including 4C hair), but each new application will provide the better result, and finally, you will be able to rock your straight locks for 6 months. Isn’t it a dream? 

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