Haircare after keratin treatment in winter

If you decided to try keratin treatment at this most beautiful time of the year, then we can only congratulate you! However, some ladies believe that winter is not the best time to perform keratin treatment as snow, frost, and drastic temperature drops will worsen the overall result. However, is it really so? Check out this article and find it out! 

In fact, we recommend you to stick to the regular post-keratin haircare rules BUT with only one more point:

  • don’t wash your hair or somehow make it wet;
  • try to avoid snow which will eventually melt on your hair and make it wet. We recommend you to cover up your hair with a shawl because tight caps and hats may leave creases on your locks 
  • don’t use styling products (hairsprays, gels, foams, wax, etc.);
  • don’t make ponytails or buns — give preference to loose hair;
  • don’t visit swimming pools or saunas;
  • use bed linen made of natural fabrics (cotton, linen, silk), which prevent excessive perspiration.

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