Haircare tips after keratin straightening

Keratin straightening is not just a way to make hair absolutely smooth and shiny - it's also a kind of treatment for deep hair restoration. With the latest developments and modern compositions for hair straightening, keratin promotes not only hair beauty but health as well.

However, aftercare is what you need in order to maintain the long-lasting result of the treatment. In this article, we decided to give you several important keratin treatment aftercare tips, check them all out!

First of all, stick to the below-stated rules in the first three days after the procedure:

  • don’t wash your hair or somehow make it wet;
  • don’t use styling products (hairsprays, gels, foams, wax, etc.);
  • don’t make ponytails or buns — give preference to loose hair;
  • don’t visit swimming pools or saunas;
  • use bed linen made of natural fabrics (cotton, linen, silk), which prevent excessive perspiration.

Secondly, you’ll definitely need sulphate-free shampoo. It will help to maintain the integrity of the keratin coating around each thin hair.

Regular shampoos contain numerous components, including sulfates. Such products foam well, but contribute to the washing out of keratin. As a result, the hair after keratin treatment retains a healthy structure and attractive appearance for a short time.

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