Haircare Tips and Hairstyles for Normal Hair

We often write articles about hair that has certain problems, such as brittleness, porosity, lack of volume, dryness, etc. However, we haven’t discussed the normal type of hair yet! What are the secrets of the normal type of hair care? What hairstyles will suit such hair type the most? Check out this article and find it all out!

First of all, how can you understand if you have a normal type of hair? Well, your hair is elastic, it has the same density, it’s shiny in the sun and doesn’t become greasy up to 3-5 days, it belongs to the normal type.

Owners of such hair type should only follow a few simple rules:

 - Timely wash your hair. Usually, it’s 2-3 times per week. Use a shampoo and a conditioner of one product line for the best effect.

 - Thoroughly comb it with a massage brush. Buy a brush with natural bristles. However, even plastic options can be very nice. Have you heard of Tangle Teezer brushes? They can gently untangle any hair tangles without pulling out your hair!

 - Don’t use stylers or the hairdryer too often. The fact that you have a normal hair type doesn’t mean that you can expose your hair to constant heat. Use different stylers and a hairdryer no more than 1-3 times per month.

 - Cut the split ends every 1-1.5 months. That’s a very important point. If you don’t cut split ends timely, your hair breaks more and more, upper and upper, and therefore as a result you will have to chop off really much in order to improve your hair condition.

If you have a normal hair type, it means that you can literally have any hairstyle. Choose it according to your facial features. Normal hair can be a little bit thin sometimes, so using texturizing spray seems to be a good idea.
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