Hairstylist’s salary: how does it form in US?

We can’t deny that hairstylists work hours a day, sometimes even without having rest. What they do is quite hard, that’s why we decided to find out how their salary is formed and what the average hairstylist’s salary in US is, so check out this article and find everything out!

According to, the average hairstylist salary in US is $28,261 as of December 27, 2022. However, the average range is between $23,465 and $34,701. 

There are several factors that can influence how much the hairstylists earn. Among them are:

 - education

 - certifications

 - additional skills

 - professional experience

Besides, the income greatly depends on where your work: either in hair salon or on location.

For example, many hairstylists working in salons are paid on commission. What does it mean? Everything is simple: it means that they earn a percentage of the money from the professional services they provide.

However, there’s another option which is hourly wage: Some hairstylists earn as much as long they work which means that each hour of their work costs a certain amount of money.  

By the way, some hair salons pay a mix of commission and hourly wage. 

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