Тhe answer for the 10 most common doubts about Brasil Cacau Keratin Treatment

What will be the result of keratin hair straightening procedure?

After keratin straightening procedure, you will immediately notice that your hair has become soft, shiny, silky, and incredibly obedient. One of the important advantages is the fact, that you need less time to spend on your hair setting.

What kind of hair does keratin hair-smoothing fit?

The best candidates for keratin hair straightening are the people who have dry, fractured, static hair or hair after any injuring treatment. But in general, the procedure brings benefits to any hair.

Can I make keratin straightening if my hair is dyed or streaked?

Yes, unlike chemical straightening, keratin one really improves the health of dyed or streaked hair, conditions it, seals the cuticle to protect the hair color, eliminates the frizz, and provides hair with incredible glitter.

Will I have perfectly straight hair just after one procedure?

The result depends on the primary state of hair. If the hair is very curly, the tool will reduce the effect of static electricity (frizz) and provide hair with a natural ripple. If your hair is curly, just after the first procedure it will become healthy and will get a naturally straight look. If your hair is straight, with the effect of static electricity (frizz), this tool will eliminate this effect and provides hair with incredible glitter.

Can men do a procedure of keratin hair straightening?

Yes, it is possible. Express condition – The length of hair should be above 10 cm.

Will my hair lose the fullness after the procedure?

No, your hair will not lose the fullness after keratin hair straightening procedure. The fullness of your hair will be back after the first washing of your head. Your hair will remain with the natural fullness and will easily retain the previous hair setting.

Will my hair be back after keratin straightening procedure in its original state?

Yes, your hair will be back to its original state in 3-4 months. Brazilian hair straightening, unlike the chemical one, does not change the structure of hair and within 3-4 months the structure will be flushed of hair.

How should I deal with hair dyeing before and after keratin straightening procedure?

If you intend to dye your hair, we recommend you to do this immediately before the procedure. After keratin dyed hair straightening procedure, the color will look brighter and more saturated with incredible glitter. Also, by means of sealing of the hair flakes, the color will hold longer.

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