How Can Sand Damage Your Client’s Hair?

Summer is a season of hottest sun, sea salt, and endless vacations, of course! Many people are getting ready in order to spend a couple of weeks on the beach, enjoying the crystal blue water and hot sand. By the way, do you know that sand can actually damage your hair? Have you prepared your hair for this hottest season and hair problems you may face?

If you have porous, dyed hair that is often tangled while combing, hot sand in combination with seawater can worsen the condition of your locks and each brushing will be uncomfortable for you. The thing is that the sand is very hot. Don’t let your hair touch it! What’s more, since you will spend lots of time on the beach, the sand will get into your hair even if you have a bun or something like that. Grains of sand cause irritation, as they are very itchy.

What can you do in order to avoid it? First of all, wear a hat or a cap. Any headwear will protect your hair both from the blazing sun and super hot sand. Besides, you can perform keratin straightening right before your vacation in order to protect hair from the adverse effects of seawater, sun, and wind. Thus, after the vacation, the condition of the hair won’t worsen, and the duration of the hair reviving procedures will decrease.
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