How can you rebrand your hair salon for 2023?

Making predictions in a world that is changing so fast is difficult. However, we took a risk and asked the owners of several successful beauty salons what you should do in 2023 to win the hearts of customers. Find out which major trends in the sphere of beauty will help you to rebrand your salon in 2023!

 1. Personalized service. Start thinking about the fact that customer needs are changing and they need a new approach. Connect services that will help you better interact with customers, and study analytics more deeply. 

 2. The next trend of the year will be what people missed during the pandemic — a holiday and relaxation atmosphere. These are bright colors, sparkles, wellness treatments and SPA. Customers will continue to choose salons where they can save their time without loss of quality and get a service at a reasonable price. 

 3. Customers have become more demanding: making an appointment should be fast, mistakes and poorly provided services are not forgiven anymore. It's easy to just move to another salon, where the processes are perfectly adjusted, and the staff take care of the guests and devote all their time to them. Therefore, many experts insist on automation in 2023. It will help to avoid mistakes and relieve employees from unnecessary routine.

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