How can your salon stand out from the competitors?

We won’t be sincere if we say that clients will come to your salon just because you’re cool. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like this, and you have to stand out from your competitors! It’s important for you to understand some things that will help you to attract your customers and look truly unique and authentic among all the rest salons! 

 - Unique style. Make up your personal brand. Stand out from the competitors not only with prices and service, but also with your own approach to beauty and the industry. Creative interior design, music, peculiarities of services, even the uniform of your masters — all these can make an unforgettable impression!

 - Exclusive products are a great way to distinguish yourself from competitors. Offer products that aren’t available in other beauty salons. Maintain friendly relationships with your suppliers and they will likely to sell you some testers and samples of the brand new products! 

 - Contests and challenges. Come up with contests. Let all your clients know that there is a competition, according to the results of which you will reward a client with something better than a 10% discount, for example.

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