How do you know if your instagram is running correctly?

From a social network where people share news and food pictures, Instagram has evolved into a blogging platform. The audience of it got used to high-quality content, and the competition there is pretty high: you compete with users from all over the world because the language or geographical location is not important for pictures. Professional models, photographers, makeup artists, and hairstylist also actively use social networks like Instagram. How to understand if you are running this social network correctly? Let’s find it out!


The content of the beauty salon (or a single stylist) Instagram account is based on the demonstration of the stylist’s works: haircuts, hairstyles, manicure, pedicure, etc. You have to show the process and result, stylists and clients, the atmosphere of the salon (or a cabinet) and the products used.


Not only pictures but also videos are needed. There should be a lot of both if you want to become popular on Instagram. Beauty salons that actively use Instagram make 2-3 publications in the Instagram feed and 10 videos in Stories on a daily basis. In order to prepare so much content, you will need a team. It’s good if it includes both the management of the beauty salon and the SMM agency.


Since people go to the beauty salon for the transformation, the purpose of the pictures and videos is to make the potential client want to say, “I want the same procedure!” Aesthetic appeal, professionalism, compliance with fashion trends - these are the criteria for high - quality content.


If, after reading this article, you understand that the Instagram of your salon isn’t that perfect, take our advice into service ASAP!


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