How Hair Colors Affect Your Personal Image?

Spring! What a nice season it is. Many women want to change their look after the cold winter. Hair dyeing is the most popular way for it, as it allows you to fast and easy to make some changes in your appearance which won’t stay unnoticed by the others.


Despite the apparent simplicity, we recommend you to use the services of the experienced hairstylist, at least for the first time. The difficulty of hair dyeing is in choosing the right color scheme and shade. Girls love experiments, but unfortunately, the results of them are often not that good. The first thing you have to do is determine your color type, which should be taken into account in the future when choosing hair dyes and other hair care products.


Color type is a certain natural coloring or color scheme that suits a person. In this case, the natural color of the hair, eyes and especially the skin is taken into account. Usually, all color types are distinguished according to two main factors: the intensity of the color, its purity and the warmth of the color palette (either cold or warm).


Remember that each appearance is unique, so sometimes it is difficult to determine the exact color type. Girls with dark hair, brown eyes, and fair skin are Winter type. Girls with freckled skin, golden or brown hair are definitely Autumn. Girls with a classic Russian or European appearance, with brown or light brown hair and fair skin, are either Spring or Summer, depending on some minor peculiarities of their appearance. Depending on this, you have to choose a hair dye. Remember using only high - quality hair dyes and strictly follow all the recommendations given in the instruction.

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