How has the salon industry changed since the 2000s?

Beauty salons now and more than 20 years ago are on the one hand very similar but on the other hand have several major differences. What are they, and how did the whole salon industry changed since the 2000s? Find it out in this article!

 1. Emergence of LOTS of new advanced services. Just imagine that 20 years ago women could receive just several basic services in beauty salons. Most of them were associated with hairstyling and haircuts as well as with nails. At the moment, you can receive lots of innovative procedures from botox hair treatment to laser hair removal and LED face masks! Beauty technology has definitely made a statement

 2. People show references from social media. It’s not like: “I want “The Rachel”hairstyle!” anymore. With the emergency of Instagram and Pinterest, ladies make work of the stylist much easier by showing him pictures of the desired result

 3. Salon management has become MUCH easier. There are barely beauty salons that call their clients in order to remind them of the appointment. Mailings, push technology, CRM — all these facilitated the communication with clients and spared you from manual revenue calculation. 

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