How long does the Brasil Cacau effect last on curly hair?

Women who have curly hair definitely know how hard it is to care about it. Curly hair is usually pretty thick, yet dry and brittle. Brasil Cacau keratin hair straightening is one of the most popular hair care procedures among women who have such hair type. How long does the Brasil Cacau effect last on curly hair? Let’s find it out!


The duration of the keratin straightening effect depends on hair type, as keratin has a cumulative effect. The more procedures you do the better the result will be! If you have curly hair and do the procedure for the first time, the duration of its effect won’t be 6 months, but the effect of each following procedure will last longer than from the previous one!


Many women usually forget it, but the curlier your hair is, the higher the temperature of the flat iron should be. However, remember that the maximum temperature shouldn’t be higher than 230°, otherwise it will damage your hair!


After the procedure use sulfate-free shampoo. Regular shampoo not just washes off keratin from curly hair, but makes it dry. If your hair isn’t moisturized enough, then the keratin straightening effect won’t last long.  In order to provide the necessary hair care, check out Brasil Cacau aftercare products the will help you to prolong the result of keratin straightening! 


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